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The Administration Department is responsible for all administrative activities and information technology capabilities of the Salish & Kootenai Housing Authority.

Our staff is responsible for greeting, directing, and responding to all customers in a courteous and expeditious manner whether by phone calls, emails or walk-ins. We are responsible for assisting with policy and procedure updates, Board of Commissioner activities, travel, personnel and payroll duties, tracking grievant requests from initiation to completion, tracking and dispersing incoming mail and/or other correspondence or items to appropriate staff.

In addition to customer service, we provide our staff with human resource information, information technology assistance, office supply inventory, and bi-weekly news via an employee newsletter.

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SKHA Office Hours:
7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Except, Tribal Holidays or Tribal designated days.

Jody Cahoon Perez

Executive Director

406.675.4491 Ext. 1543

Rhonda Quequesah

Administration Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1540

Pamela Wilson

Information Technology Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1557

Carla Matt

Administrative Assistant

406.675.4491 Ext. 1531

Shanita Wall

Office Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1555

Maklit Charlo

Admin Support Technician

406.675.4491 Ext. 1500

The Finance Department is responsible for all budgetary planning and control for all programs under management of the Housing Authority. They are also responsible for acquiring funds for the Housing Authority, managing funds within the organization and planning for expenditure of funds on various levels. It is the part of the organization that ensures efficient financial management, financial reporting and financial control necessary to support all Housing Authority activities.

They are responsible for operating the Housing Authority in compliance with the Indian Housing Plan and applicable regulations and procedural requirements for HUD funded programs and for ensuring all other programs are operating within budget confinements and requirements.

Budgeting, finance, and accounting are the responsibility of this department as well as preparing all reports and preparing for audit. They are also responsible for receiving customer payments, inventory, purchasing and billing supply items, contracting procurement activities, monitoring pay requests and compliance and closing of contracts.

The Finance Department’s mission is to serve the citizens of the Flathead Reservation and provide support to the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes through sound management of the Housing Authority’s finances. The Finance Department’s mission objectives are to:

  1. Demonstrate integrity, accountability, consistency, professionalism and a strong work ethic.
  2. Emphasize strategic financial planning and performance reporting.
  3. Maximize the effective and efficient use of federal funds.
  4. Execute directives and policies of the Board of Commissioners.
  5. Build a cohesive team of highly qualified talented professionals based on trust, respect, and mutual support.
  6. Provide excellent customer service.

Contact Us

SKHA Office Hours:
7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Except, Tribal Holidays or Tribal designated days.

Daniel Tromp

Finance Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1512

Sue Lawson


406.675.4491 Ext. 1510

Dusty Rider

Grants/Accounting Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1553

Cec Brown

Accounts Payable Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1522


Procurement Officer

406.675.4491 Ext. 1541

Tyree Friedlander

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1524

Donella Piapot

Finance Assistant

406.675.4491 Ext. 1506

Tyra Michel

Procurement Control Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1514

Justin Adams

Inventory Technician

406.675.4491 Ext. 1514

Nolan Michel

Construction/Procurement Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1521

The Housing Resource Department is comprised of multiple programs that vary greatly in services provided.  The programs range from serving families and individuals who are struggling with obtaining permanent housing, to those who are ready to purchase their first home, and to those that are current homeowners that may need assistance.  The Department coordinates all new development for the Housing Authority, pursues new grant funding opportunities, and has direct oversight of the Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG), Housing Improvement Programs (HIP), state and Bonneville Power Weatherization Programs, the Transitional Living Center, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, the Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency Program, the Flathead Finance Program (FFP) and In-Take for all rental programs offered by the Housing Authority.

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SKHA Office Hours:
7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Except, Tribal Holidays or Tribal designated days.

Shanell Teigen

Housing Resource Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1530

Monique Gates

Program Compliance/Development Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1516

Michelle Morigeau

Rehab/Weatherization Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1507

Richard Pierre

Affordable Homeownership Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1505

Katrina Stevens

ROSS Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1509

Rebecca McDonald

TLC Case Manager/Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1533

SaVanna Carpentier

Intake/Eligibility Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1515

Johnson Caye

Affordable Homeownership Assistant

406.675.4491 Ext. 1517


Home Maintenance Advocate

Pete Aimsback

TLC Manager


The Maintenance Department provides maintenance for all housing units under the management of the Housing Authority and refers ineligible participants to the appropriate agencies. Maintenance Staff are responsible for providing and maintaining Housing Authority units in a decent, safe and sanitary condition by repairing, refurbishing, upkeep and replacement to the interior and exterior of the units. In addition, Maintenance Staff are responsible for maintaining common areas, keeping grass mowed and playgrounds clean in communities under the Housing Authority’s management. The Maintenance Staff will also respond to after hour or weekend housing emergencies when needed. Tenants need only to call Law & Order at 675-4700 to report the emergency and someone from the maintenance staff will respond back to the tenant.

Contact Us

SKHA Office Hours:
7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Except, Tribal Holidays or Tribal designated days.

Sid Shourds

Maintenance Manager/Assistant Executive Director

406.675.4491 Ext. 1556

Pam Dupuis

Maintenance Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1519


Administrative Assistant

406.675.4491 Ext. 1534

Kody Morigeau

Building Inspector Supervisor

406.675.4491 Ext. 1504

Louis Fyant

Maintenance Supervisor

406.675.4491 Ext. 1526

Bert Carpentier

Maintenance Technician Foreman

406.675.4491 Ext. 1511


Building Inspector

406.675.4491 Ext. 1503

Eneas "EJ" Hammer Jr.

Building Inspector

406.675.4491 Ext. 1502

Josh Sheridan

Building Inspector

406.675.4491 Ext. 1513


Building Inspector

Raven Kenmille

Groundskeeper Foreman

406.675.4491 Ext. 1519

Frank Stanger

Maintenance Technician

Kean McCrea

Maintenance Technician

Sonny Morigeau

Maintenance Technician

Willie Andrew

Maintenance Technician

Donald Stanger

Maintenance Technician

George Mitchell

Maintenance Technician

Noah Durheim

Community Groundskeeper

Elijah Durheim

Community Groundskeeper

Jerome Quequesah

Community Groundskeeper

Bailey Blixt

Community Groundskeeper

Mary Alexander

Facility Groundskeeper/Laborer

Tina Neuman

Arlee Elderly Community Attendant

Kenneth Lozeau

Elmo Elderly Community Attendant

The Occupancy Department is responsible for all phases of a tenant’s occupancy of Housing Authority units/lots.

The Occupancy Department conducts move-ins for new tenants, processes certifications, provides outreach to tenants, works with outside agencies to assist tenants, is in charge of ensuring that the tenants stay in compliance with their leases, works with the tribal court system, and ensures that applicable laws and regulations are adhered to.

They receive request, complaints, referrals, etc. and take appropriate action as needed in accordance with Housing Authority policies, and local and federal regulations.

Contact Us

SKHA Office Hours:
7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Except, Tribal Holidays or Tribal designated days.

Su-san Perez-Tenas

Occupancy Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1536

Sharon Earthboy

Occupancy Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1546

Ronda Lozeau

Lease Orientation Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1545

Shannon Fisher

Certification Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1535

Shannon Wall

Tenant Advocate

406.675.4491 Ext. 1518

Elizabeth Burley

Court Liaison Coordinator

406.675.4491 Ext. 1549

Maizy Blixt

Lease Orientation Specialist

406.675.4491 Ext. 1509

Gary Plant

Animal Control Officer

The Salish and Kootenai Housing Authority are in charge of all Tribal Water and Waste Water projects located within the Flathead Reservation boundaries. We currently manage 29 Water and 15 Waste Water systems throughout the Reservation providing water and sewer services to members and non-members alike.

W/S Operations are responsible for the day-to-day operations, maintenance and monitoring of the various community systems through EPA approved sampling and testing procedures.

W/S Operators will respond after hours or weekends to community system emergencies when needed.  Customers need to call Law & Order at 675-4700 to report the emergency in their community water system and the on-call operator will respond back to the customer.

The W/S Department also administers the IHS well and septic installation program for eligible participants.  The Engineering/Construction crews design and install well and septic systems.  Tribal members and first generation descendants may apply for new services to be installed at their primary residence.  They may also apply for replacement of a failed system.  They are responsible for ensuring these systems are installed with compliance with all Federal and Tribal regulations.

Contact Us

SKHA Office Hours:
7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Except, Tribal Holidays or Tribal designated days.


Water and Sewer Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1532

Rocki Davis

Community Systems Program Manager

406.675.4491 Ext. 1508

Bret Birk

Project Engineer

406.675.4491 Ext. 1538

David Marmon

Construction Inspector

406.675.4491 Ext. 1537

Rebecca Phillips

Administrative Assistant

406.675.4491 Ext. 1547

Albert Plant

Certified Water/Wastewater Operator

Doran Dumont

Certified Community Systems Operator I/Equipment Operator

Chuck Morigeau

Certified Community Systems Operator I


Certified Community Systems Operator I

Todd Burland

Certified Community Systems Operator I


Certified Community Systems Operator In-Training

Larry Nimrick

Furloughable Heavy Equipment Operator/Foreman

James Lawrence

Furloughable Heavy Equipment Operator/Foreman

Jon Gardipe

Furloughable Heavy Equipment Operator/Foreman

Johnathan Drennin-Beck

Furloughable Maintenance Technician II


Furloughable Maintenance Technician II


Furloughable Maintenance Technician II

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